Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Daddy's Home!!!

We received word recently that Daddy would be home soon. I didn't believe it, a 60 day deployment and he would be back at the 62 day mark? Unheard of! So when he told me that he was actually getting on a plane I was hesitantly optimistic. They were flying themselves back from Japan and there's known to be issues, not getting back when they say they will due to aircraft issues, weather, etc. But by the grace of God Brian came home Monday and it was wonderful!! Here are some pictures from our homecoming:

Brady waiting patiently for Daddy to arrive! He definitely got it more this time. A bus passed and Brady said where'd go? Where'd go? Daddy????! (We were waiting for a shuttle bus that takes them from the aircraft to the squadron, where we were).

Stupid sun got in the way but that's Brian lifting Brady in the air. Brady was playing outside (it took a little longer than anticipated and it was 70 degrees out!) and he knew Brian instantly. He turned around and said, "Hi Daddy!"

Brady was amazed at all of the planes taking off so he was a little distracted in pictures!

Our family back together again! :)

Ooohhh air-pane!!!

The guys with their babies. Much bigger than last deployment!

So happy to have him home! 60 day deployments are much better!! Brian should hopefully be home from deployments until September, but has to do a trip to Vegas in March for a couple of weeks. It has been super nice here too, almost feeling like spring, so we've been spending lots of time outside and just enjoying being together again. Brady doesn't want to let Brian out of his sight! :)


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