Friday, February 17, 2012

Brady's Super Great Update!

Hello, hello, hello!! It is me, Brady Brian Ross! I know you've missed me! I was diagnosed with RSV last week (pretty sure it stands for really sucky virus) and mom wouldn't let me on the computer. Soooo other than being sick I've been pretty awesome. Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks:

Here's Daddy and I. We're best friends. We enjoy drinking, looking at Mom's Victoria Secret catalogs, and sitting at the dining room table.

This is Mama and my new monkey friends at the zoo. I dared them to have a contest to see who could poop on mama the quickest. Pretty sure the one on the right was the winner. They were kinda jerks though making me pay them for their services.

Staring at some of my other monkey friends. They're honestly the coolest. I can see why my dad chose these guys as roommates. They live just like him!

Then one day it snowed!

Bougie (mom note: Brady calls Rascal Bougie (Boo-gee), long story but that's what he calls him) put on his coat and was like, "Hey Brady, let's go out and play in the snow!"

Hang out with my best friend in my smoking hot snow outfit? Yes! Duh.

Since my dad isn't super strong I told him I would help him shovel the driveway.

I got so distracted though by this yellow snow....

It was so delicious! :)

Then mom came outside with a sled and said "Let's go out back and sled like crazy!"

Daddy, Bougie and I thought mom was pretty horrible at it so we had to show her up.

We were doing really well...

We may have lost Bougie in the process but I'm sure he'll turn up when all of the snow melts.

They call me Brady: Snow Model 2012

Dad said we had to build a snowman. Don't really get the whole point of "snowmen" but since he needed a strong man I helped.

Bougie finally made his way out of the snow and man he was pissed!

I told Mom and Dad that for Valentine's Day I would make dinner. First stop: pick up 10 onions.

Pick up some fresh Nebraska corn. It's kind of a secret only native Nebraskans know, but shh the corn is best in the winter.

Then I had to decide the meat: should I take on the sheep or the pig? The pig had an attitude so sheep it was!

And then since Mom's pregnant I didn't go with the traditional wine with dinner, I milked a cow for the beverage! I know, I know, son of the year!




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