Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Trip from Papillion

Uhh Mom, that trip we took, it was from Papillion. Do you not remember where we live?? Sheesh!! And what a drama queen! So I was crabby from time to time, but really? You're going to bash me like that on here again? Here is the story, the REAL story of how our trip went down.
It all started when Mom and I were climbing up a tree...

No we really did climb up a tree, a tall one in fact.

After we climbed up a tree Papa helped me fix up my airplane.

I had Mack lick off the carburetor.

Look Mom, I'm like a gangster you went to high school with! Brooklyn Park, represent!! Ugh!

Then Papa showed me how to play the spoon violin.

Thanks Mack! My airplane was all ready and I was set to go deliver the Yuengling.

The next day Grandpa said I looked chubby and that I needed to be weighed.

Holy. Crap. 29 lbs. Umm this scale is broken, right? I mean, there is no possible way. Yikes. I gotta lay off the cookies. Oh geez.

Then we went to the Mall of America and they had a cheerleader competition. Pure heaven!

Then Papa made me ride this scary goat/horse thingy that moved.

And then we saw more cheerleaders.

And then we played with Legos.

And my girlfriend Sharday got me a gift!

And so did my girlfriend Alex!

These ladies dig me, for reals.

Man these cupcakes are GOOD!

Seriously, you girls are crazy! If I eat anymore cupcake, I may end up in the hospital.

I told you so. Diagnosis: Red Velvet Coma.

Mom, I promise I'll never eat them again, just let me go home!

And that was our trip! I seriously don't get what Mom was talking about. Sheesh, I had fun! Oh wait, oh wait, I have some videos for you!

A fun game with Grandpa

Let's dance!


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