Monday, January 2, 2012

Brady vs. Brad

There has been a long going discussion on how my son Brady Ross has an ulter ego that has tantrums, gets in to things, bascially is a menace and a troublemaker, his name is Brad. And then there is the sweet boy, the son I raised, his name is Brady. Here he is, both sides.

Brady eats dinner nicely, making jokes and pleasant conversation.

Brad will get the food no matter what it takes, even if he has to bite your hands.

Brady spends quality time with his mommy

Brad spends the rest of his time living in a tree...down by the river.

Brady hugs his grandma

Brad takes off all of his clothes. Wait a minute, wait a minute, what the H*$^ is this? I take a nap and this is what you do? Bash your son? This is Brady everyone and I will not be misrepresented on this blog. I will now be contributing, I Brady will be writing the Brady ones and mom can be crazy writing fake stuff about this "Brad" character (who is very handsome, I might add).

I don't care if I have my clothes off, I still spend time with my grandma. I'm sorry, BRADY likes to hang out with his grandma.

Brad is distracted by cookies and pretty ladies. Especially when he sees pretty ladies with cookies.

Brady snuggles with his grandpa and his doggy. And teddy. Don't forget teddy. And blankey.

Brad runs his grandpa over with a tractor.

Didn't happen MOM, didn't happen. Brady is the healer, chiropractor, lover of all dogs.

Brad takes embarrassing pictures of his doggy and posts them for all to see.

Brady listens to every word his mommy says, every single word.

Yeah but Brad stays out late and has a wild time with friends even when his mommy TOLD him to go to bed early because he had a haircut the next day. Sheesh, even the hair stylist could smell the chocolate milk on your breath.

Brady helps his mommy with snow removal.

Brad talks on the phone during dinner.

Brady uses his manners

Brad talks to one girl on the phone while texting another girl at the same time.

Brady keeps his phone conversations brief and to the point.



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