Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spike and Lauren's Wedding

So sorry for the lack of updates lately! Brady and I took a little blogging hiatus but we are back!! We went to Minnesota for Labor Day weekend because Brian was in his good friend Spike's wedding. We had a great time celebrating their marriage, went to the state fair, and spent time with friends and family. Here are some more pictures from our trip:

Brian and I before the wedding rehearsal.

Spike and his groomsmen at the rehearsal

Lauren and Spike are married!

Brian and I with our friends at the wedding

Brian and I

Brian and I with his parents

Brian and I with my parents

Laura and I at the wedding

Brian and I with the happy couple!

Laura and I being silly!

Brian and I with our mamas.

Brian with some high school buddies.

Park Center grads

The first dance

Everyone breaking it down on the dance floor

Overall it was a wonderful weekend!! More posts to come! :)


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