Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Days! :)

Hello! Can't believe that July is almost over! This summer is flying by.

Well our little man is now 3 months old! We had his 3 month pictures on his actual 3 month birthday, July 24, and he did so great! He was so smiley and the photographer was so impressed by how good he was! Another exciting thing that happened on his 3 month birthday was that he rolled over for the first time! Brady has never really liked being on his tummy but I have been putting him on his tummy more and more so that he can get used to it and he finally is tolerant of being on his stomach. He can lift his head 90 degrees now and started trying to lean and that same day rolled over! Brian and I were both watching him and we both screamed because we were so excited and he was like what the heck?! He does it all the time now on his tummy, but can't quite master the roll from back to tummy. I can wait for him to do that though because I think diaper change time will be much trickier once he figures that out! :)

Brady attended his first wedding on July 17 up in Grand Forks, ND. He did so great and slept through the whole ceremony without making a peep! He wasn't crazy about the 7.5 hour drive, but he did better than expected! Brady also got his first kiddy pool and swimsuit and enjoyed playing in that with mom. Brady is a lot less fussy now and loves to play, dance, swing, be outside, and stare at his puppy! And it looks like he's going to have blue eyes and his hair is growing back in blonde, just like mommy! :)

I had a blast at my friend Stacy's wedding. I am so happy for her and Joe and wish them only the best! It was my first time being a bridesmaid and I was honored to be a part of their big day. Stacy was a beautiful bride and we had a wonderful time! On the ride home from the wedding I started to feel really sick but just thought it was from the lack of sleep. I ended up getting a really bad cold or the flu, I'm not sure. I had a fever for two days and was on the couch or in bed for 5 days. Brian was busy flying though, so I had to tough it out and take care of Brady. It was rough, especially because I was taking every precaution to keep Brady from getting sick, but it was good practice for when Brian is deployed. I'm finally starting to feel better. Not back to normal quite yet, but we're getting there! Brady has a little bit of a runny nose but he seems to be feeling well!

Brian had a good time at the wedding as well! He got to take care of Brady the whole day while I was in the wedding and had a good "boys day!" He is such a good daddy. I am so blessed to have such a great partner in life, I don't know what I would do without him! Brian is finishing up his training. He should be checking next week and then he will be all done with training and a qualified RC-135 pilot! They're still not sure of his dates for survival training since his training is going past schedule, but it looks like he'll be going in the middle of August. We're going to miss him so much the month he's gone but then we'll get to enjoy him for a few months before he deploys. We don't really know what to expect once he's in his squadron, but we're excited to see what it's like! We hope that he won't work too many holidays, Thanksgiving especially, but with the Air Force you never know. I love the days that Brian flies because he flies right over our house, and with very few planes in the flying pattern, I can take Brady outside and point to the plane and say that's Daddy flying! I can't wait until he actually understands that because I think that's pretty cool! :)

Rascal is doing well and is such a good big brother. He is so gentle with Brady and loves to sniff him and give him a kiss a few times a day. Rascal had a weird few days where he was lethargic and shaky and we brought him to the vet, but they couldn't find anything wrong with him. They think he may have possibly hit his head chasing after bunnies and just was in pain with that. I just want him to remain healthy! He got to go to Grand Forks too and got to hang out with Uncle Danny at the frat house while the rest of us were at the wedding festivities. I didn't hear any stories, so I'm guessing it didn't get too crazy! :)

Well this is a long post but here are some recent pictures:

In my new swimsuit getting ready to swim!

Gotta have the sunglasses too!

Hanging out in the pool!

The beautiful church in Warsaw, ND

Our family at the wedding

Friends since high school and before!
Left to right: Lynsey, Rachel, Stacy, Laura

Brady with the beautiful bride!

Brady Ross 3 month pictures

Brady Ross 3 months

Brady Ross 3 months
My favorite picture!

Brady Ross 3 months
My smiley man!!

Brady Ross 3 months

Look at those muscles!!

This is such a Brian look! He loves his bumbo because he can see everything and loves sitting up!

Practicing rolling over!

I loved this outfit! Daddy's little slugger! :)

Dancing with daddy!

Brady rolling over even with the hiccups!


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