Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Waiting Game

Spring is officially here, so where is our little boy?! These last few weeks have been very long. Between not feeling well and not knowing whether my contractions are the real thing or not has made for some frustrating days. I've still been having weekly appointments and at my 37 week appt I had made some good progress. I was dilated 1-2 cm, 60% effaced and the baby was at a 0 station. At my 38 week appointment yesterday (or so I thought) I had made no change but she still said I could go at any time. She said that if I haven't had him by next Wednesday we will make an appointment to induce labor because she doesn't want me to go much past that. She thinks that my due date is more like April 22nd than April 29th so she's going by that. So that would make me 39 weeks now. I would really like him to come naturally but I think by that point I will want him out no matter what! She also said that we have a solid baby in there and said he's gonna be a big boy! Thanks Brian! :) I've been hanging in there. Sleep at night has gotten pretty rocky so I spend most of my days on the couch napping and just resting because I'm exhausted. He's really low too so I've been feeling a lot of pressure. My torso is so short and even though he's dropped his legs are still up in my ribs so sitting up for a long period of time is really uncomfortable. However, I'm trying to stay positive and am very excited to see his little face!

Brian's been busy with training. He has a simulator every day now and is enjoying learning how to fly the Rivet Joint. He had a sim yesterday for 4 hours where all they did was practice taking off! Don't know how that's possible, but I guess there's lots of ways for this plane to take off? He will hit the flightline in May as long as the birth doesn't keep him out of class for too long. If it does, he will get pushed back to the next class. It really doesn't matter to us either way, I'm just really thankful that he's going to be here! :) Other than that, he's been kept busy doing things around the house, hitting the driving range, playing with Rascal, and enjoying his new tv!

The house is really coming together. We had Brian's class over on Saturday night for a bbq and got to show everyone the house. We love that we have space to entertain now and hope to do it more in the future! The weather has been great here lately and we've been going on lots of walks (to get labor going!) and spending time exploring all of the great outdoor activities in the Omaha area. Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks:
We have a golf course right by our house and Brian was able to hit the driving range. It's cool because you hit the balls into the water and you can see better where they land!

Rascal cheering his dad on while he golfed. We had to sit in the car because Rascal wanted to chase every ball he hit and we didn't feel like him going in the lake would be a good thing! :)

He got to play with his own ball when we got home!

Brian and Rascal at a nearby lake in Papillion.

Kind of dark but that's our new couch in our living room.

A really dark picture of the living room. Rascal had to make his way into the picture!

The front of our house after the rain. The people before us planted so many beautiful things!

The tree in the front has bloomed and is so pretty to look at!

Our new tv. Brian got a 46'' Sony Bravia LCD LED HDTV Thank you tax return! :) And Rascal.

The backyard blooming!

Our new outdoor patio set

More flowers and Rascal. I think he thought I was doing a photo shoot of him because he kept getting in my pictures!

My large self! I would say he's ready to come out? This is me at 39 weeks
Hot maternity shorts! :)

Front view

So hopefully the next post we will have pictures of our little one! We will keep everyone updated!


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