Monday, October 5, 2009

Doctor Visit

I had another ultrasound and my full physical today. The doctor said that everything looks great! I am measuring at about 11 weeks, so my due date is right around April 29. The lady who did my ultrasound let me watch the baby for awhile and it was moving around like crazy! It looked like it was trying to do the worm with its body! It really has grown so much since our last ultrasound and is really starting to look like a little baby! In the ultrasound right above the text, the head is on the left, that blob floating above it is its hand, the bright blob below that is its heart, and its feet are at the end. She could barely get it to hold still for a decent picture! We should find out the sex in the next 6-8 weeks. The heart was beating really fast, so I'm starting to think that it might be a girl, but we will see! Either one is perfectly fine with us. We're getting ready to go watch the Packer Viking game at a friends house. It's been an exciting couple days of sports! Hopefully both the Vikings and the Twins can come out victoriously! We may be far away, but we still cheer for our favorite teams!


Jaya said...

Ultrasounds are amazing to me! Sounds like they keep moving your due date around!

Sorry you've been sick, but at least you aren't throwing up! I think I've thrown up once in my four pregnancies. The nausea is a real killer though - BLECK. I hope you get over it soon. :)

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