Saturday, August 8, 2015

Reno Trip Part 2!

If you missed Part 1 or if you read it and are back here reading more, I applaud you! I took no less than 400 pictures during this trip, but I assure you that you're getting the shortened version. You can thank me for that later! 

Some of the things that sold me on this trip was: 1) A free place to stay for a vacation  2) Getting to be with Brian   3) A chance to travel which I am all about. Hopefully, I think the kids are too! And to check a couple more states off of the kids and I's lists (we drove through Colorado, Wyoming, Utah,  Nevada, and California!)  4) Lake Tahoe!!!

The guys were flying a ton so we made our own fun for the most part!   It rained a lot there the first week so once I saw that Tahoe was going to have a nice day we packed up the car and set out!  

Tahoe or bust!

The road is SUPER windy getting there as you're driving through mountains and going from 4,000 feet to over 8,000 feet in a matter of like 15 minutes. My kids never get carsick but Brady kept complaining of not feeling well. Thank goodness I had my peppermint oil on hand for him to sniff. That and some cool air saved us! Luckily it's not a long drive, just about 40 minutes.

We went to King's Beach this trip, mainly because they have a dog beach! 

It was a beautiful, perfect day and even though it was mid week we were joined by many who thought the same thing!

They played with a bucket and rocks for HOURS. It's the simple things, folks!

Rascal enjoyed the water for a little bit too

Beautiful view driving in

The guys were supposed to get 2 full days off this trip but with some unforeseen circumstances they ended up getting zero full days off. We decided one night to just pack up and go see a Tahoe sunset from the east side.

Let's all just cram in the car together and head to Tahoe! Ok!

It was later in the day and we thought it'd be too cold to go swimming so we didn't bring the kids swimsuits. Mom fail. So they just decided to go in their undies and someone even lent them a crab floatie too!

I was the only one who brought my swimsuit so I enjoyed the beautiful clear water. By myself, haha!

Brady, our resident photographer!

These pictures were taken at Sand Harbor Beach. Such a beautiful sunset. I'll never forget it! After the sunset we headed into town and had some delicious Thai food.

The reason we were there is because is the flight commander for advanced soaring. This specific trip was for the cross country sailplane racing team, they were competing in the Reno Sailplane Air Racing Competition. Brian got to fly quite a bit so I figure I should probably include a picture or two of the reason why we're there, haha! Here's  Brian's view of Pyramid Lake while flying  

The next day the guys got off pretty early so we headed to Pyramid Lake for a bbq on the beach (see us trying to make the best of every second of this trip?!).

This time we brought their swimsuits. We were smart this time, haha! And it helped that the air temp was over 90!

Our trip was quickly winding down so we tried to fit in everything we could

Rascal exhausted from all of the fun

We went out for sushi again!

Took the kids to Lake Tahoe one last time!

Had In-N-Out Burger at least 4 times. The dang place was right across from our hotel, dangerous, I tell you! 

We spent one last day at the airfield watching them fly and having a last bbq. Layla wanted nothing to do with us. She just wanted to eat cheese and sit next to her cadets. 

And play soccer. One last round of soccer with her cadets.

Daddy, I LOVE these trips!! 

Helping push in planes. Spoiled much?

Layla with her favorite people

And Brady too, shirtless of course.

We left early in the morning to head back to Salt Lake.

We actually stopped at the salt flats this time. It was pretty neat but the better view was definitely on the westbound side, oh well!

We had an uneventful trip back and after 2 long days in the car we made it back home!

These kids, they were just simply awesome. 5 and 3 are much easier ages to travel with. They had a blast and I'm so thankful they cooperated! Overall such an awesome trip. So if your husband asks if you want to tag along on a trip to Reno? Do it! 


Becky Dougherty said...

That sunset picture of Brady and Layla at the lake! Oh, the feels! Just so sweet how much they love each other! And she cracks me up, "her cadets!" You ARE in trouble. lol So glad you all had a good time!

Jenn said...

What GORGEOUS pictures!!! I read Part 1 too, but was on my phone and couldn't comment. I love love LOVE how much Layla loves "her" cadets! Gonna have to do some sort of online college program from home so you can keep tabs on her ;) Glad y'all had fun and got to go experience so many new things!

Jen said...

I grew up in Nevada but have never in my life been to Reno lol.

Janelle Vannice said...

What a gorgeous place! We've been to Vegas several times but never to Reno... I'll have to add that to our list - or at least Tahoe! Those sunset pics with the kids are SUPER cool, by the way... and I'm super jealous of the In-n-Out! Ugh. That sounds SO good. :)

Shannon said...

So incredibly cool. I wish you were my mom.

stevenjared0853 said...

What an amazing post on Reno Trip. It seems like you had wonderful time there. I have also been to Reno but just for official meetings. After a few days I am going to visit NYC for attending international corporate events NYC. I would stay there for 2 days.

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