Monday, August 4, 2014

We Didn't Stop

This weekend. We really didn't seem to stop at all. It was so much fun but man it feels like a Monday today.  We had some dear friends from Omaha come visit us this past weekend and we had so much fun! 
They got in Thursday night and we celebrated with some fajitas, brews, and plenty of catching up.

Friday morning we took them to go see the Academy.

Their son is exactly 2 months older than Layla. They're so cute together.

And we even got to see Brian getting an air medal for the combat missions he flew at Offutt.

After naps, we headed to Garden of the Gods.

It never gets old there, never.

There needed to be at least 1 good Layla meltdown. A trip out isn't complete without it.

"Daddy, we need to talk." It was probably about picking up snacks on the way home or something.

After Garden of the Gods we headed to Manitou Springs for some dinner and people watching. Oh, the people watching there.

Such tough Air Force guys. 

Margaritas at The Loop in Manitou!

Saturday was a really low key day. They headed to Denver to meet up with some friends and sight see and we relaxed and got stuff done around the house.

Saturday night we finished up with a BBQ and walk around the neighborhood.

Sunday morning the guys got up bright and early to climb the Manitou Incline.

If you can see that trail going up the center of the mountain, that's the Manitou Incline.

At the bottom of oh, about 5,000 stairs.

The views are pretty amazing, it's definitely going on my to do list! 

After the guys got back we hit the road for Paint Mines Park

We ate lunch in the one shady spot we could find, haha!

It was a pretty cool park but I think it would have been more fun to go on a shady day. And it was a bit of drive in the middle of nowhere. But it was cool to see and I'm glad we went at least once to check it out!

After naps we went to a super yummy restaurant, Colorado Mountain Brewery...SO GOOD!

Oh and did I mention that Layla INSISTED on bringing her baby in its carrier? So many people commented on awwwh how cute that was. Cute until it got too heavy and we had to carry it around. The looks we got.

Or when Brian did this.

Afterwards we went bowling (Layla's first time!)

So much fun! Definitely got the stares here too carrying the baby around.

But it was such a wonderful and busy weekend. We truly love having visitors and it was such a great time!

And I have to give a BIG thank you to all that voted for me the past couple weeks. I got #10 out of 50 wonderful military blogs! I made it in the top 10!!  Highlight of my month, for sure so thank you all for taking the time to vote!!


Jen said...

What a fun weekend! It is always nice when friends come to visit.

Becky Dougherty said...

Those pictures are beautiful! Sounds like another great weekend! And congrats on making the Top 10!!! Woo hoo! :)

Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

Seeing your gorgeous photos never gets old. And carrying the baby around is hilarious!

Shannon said...

Wow - I'm tired just reading this. And you know I'm happy with this post b/c you mentioned Layla and snacks!!!!

Traci@TheHallway said...

Looks like a ton of fun!! The baby... hilarious!!! haha

Jenn said...

Omg you and Brian are too cute together. And I laughed out loud at him holding the baby- totally looked like a real preemie at first glance! Re: pouty Layla- how can you deny that child anything??? Get her some Teddy Grahams, STAT!

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