Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Ramblings

The weeks are seriously flying by. Since I can't believe it's already Friday and the middle of August, I'm going to post the most random of Friday posts.  With bullet points.

  • We will have lived in Colorado for 2 months tomorrow. Which is crazy!  The summer has seriously FLOWN by!  I feel like we've done a good number of things here but there is SO much more I want to do before winter settles in.
  • Next weekend Brian's grandparents are visiting us from Tucson and the following weekend my parents are coming! SO excited to see them both! We really love having visitors!
  • The fire damage here in the Springs from both the Waldo Canyon (2012) and Black Forest Fires (2013) are tremendous. It's crazy to me that you can look at the mountains and see the burn scar from the Waldo Canyon Fire. I recently took the kids to the Black Forest Regional Park to play on the playground. We hiked a little and you can see the areas the fire raged across. It's so eye-opening and devastating all at the same time. I am so glad it's been such a wet summer this year and that there haven't been any major fires in Colorado Springs.

Hiking through Black Forest

  • Seeing everyone from Omaha's posts about school starting made me realize, OH MY GOODNESS Brady will be starting kindergarten in a year! It makes me so sad but at the same time it's forcing me to make the best of this last year I have him at home with me majority of the time. Brady starts preschool September 9th (so late, right?!) and he's so, so excited. And I am too but it makes me sad that my little guy is growing up!
  • Brian and I went on our first date night since moving to Colorado (SO overdue).  I found a great sitter that the kids loved and we got some much needed adult time in. WIN/WIN! 

Date night!

  • I've really, really been slacking on using my nice camera. It's just so big and I'm scared it's going to break when we're out.  I'm going to challenge myself to take lots of pictures this weekend with it. We'll see if that actually happens! Have a great weekend everyone!!


Becky Dougherty said...

I can't believe how fast this summer has gone by. I go back to school on the 25th, and the kids come on the 27th!

Having nice cameras is complicated. They're much less convenient to carry, but they take much better pictures than phones (especially the iPhone in dark lighting).

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Cant believe it has been 2 months already!

Jen said...

It really is amazing how fast time flies by!

Shannon said...

Wow - 2 months does seem like way too long. The older we get the faster time goes. Not cool.

Laura Darling said...

So glad that you got out for a date night! :) I was just thinking I need to start using my real camera too. The iphone is just so convenient, but I do love the quality a real camera produces!

Jamie said...

Summer has flown by!

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