Thursday, July 12, 2012

V, X,Y, and A

Shhh mom thinks I'm napping!  I know you were thinking today "hmm I wonder how Brady is? I wonder what's new with Brady?"  Well here I am to tell you.  Besides being ridiculously good looking and a swag ladies man I am incredibly smarter.  I have now perfected writing 4 letters of the English language.  V, X, A, and Y are my specialties. Ok enough of all that here are some pictures from the last week in Brady's world. 
Uncle Danny came and colored with me.  It was hard for him because he's color blind. It's sad when a 2 year old needs to tell you what color your crayon is.

I taught Dana all about sand and how to perfectly scoop your sand into your bucket. Luckily she was a fast learner.

Then I took Uncle Danny to the zoo and he told me the right way to pet a goat. He told me that his real major in college is goat studies. He said that one time as a child he pet a goat and he was hooked for life. I said no way am I touching that thing, it'll take me forever to graduate then!

Oh crap.

Uncle Danny, no, don't pet the pig, you don't want student loans!!

Umm guys what are we looking at?

And it was a seal clapping.  Neato.

Seriously I could get my own exhibit at the zoo, it'd be way cooler.

Then we looked at some cheetahs. Cool.

Layla came (it was her first time at the zoo) and of course she had to booze it up.  Here's her by the tiger or lion, one of those things.

They're such scaredy cats, it's ridiculous.  It's just a tiger guys! Try being surrounded by several 2 year olds that want the truck you're playing with, that is much scarier!

This gorilla was awesome.  I hope my body looks like that one day.

Ooh your hair looks fun, can I touch it?!

Daddy and Layla sometimes act too alike that it scares me.

Daddy loves Uncle Danny. They're special.

They even wore matching hats. I wish I had a brother!

Honk, honk!

Look we all fit in my house!

We just love taking baths together.

And mmmm ice cream!

The END!


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