Thursday, July 12, 2012

Life Lately

Happy Thursday! Brady is currently at Parent's Day Out and Layla is sleeping so I have some time to update this blog!  Life has been good lately!  Busy, but good!  Last weekend Uncle Danny and Dana visited and they got to meet Layla for the first time.  We had a great time seeing them and are so glad they were able to visit!  Brian's been busy at work flying and playing softball for his squadron.  Brady has been busy talking up a storm, watching as much monkey show (Curious George) as he can, and going swimming as much as possible!  Layla got through her last growth spurt (whew!) and is now sleeping so much longer at night. Last night she slept from 9 to 6:15!!! It was awesome!!  She is growing up way too fast and is just such a sweet little gal!  Here are some recent pictures:

Uncle Danny meeting Layla for the first time

Her reaction to Uncle Danny! :)

Layla meeting Dana for the first time

A group of us went to Papio Creek Aquatic Park (there is water there, I swear, it's just behind me taking the picture!)

Brady and I in the picture too

Layla in her new bikini. Daddy was not thrilled about our first bikini, he kept trying to make it a one piece, haha!

Layla SUPER pumped to be going to the zoo for the first time. She really wants to see the giraffes.

Layla playing around with Uncle Danny

You make a funny face, I make a funny face

Layla slept through the giraffes. And really most of the zoo.

Danny and Dana by the Desert Dome

Brady loved seeing the zoo with his Uncle Danny

Family picture.  Our children look thrilled!

Danny and Dana with Brady and Layla. 

She's just not too sure of the huge bow

Bath time!

And then her first bumbo experience.  Again, not too sure!

Morning snuggles with my cuties.  Love them!

Brian and Layla (from the 4th that I forgot to put up!)

Well the princess is now awake begging to eat so I must go!  Till next time! :)


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