Saturday, May 1, 2010

Life With Our Little Man

Brady is officially a week old now!! Grandma Hiscock left yesterday so Brian and I had our first night alone with him. He did great! We have established a good routine now so we both were able to get some sleep. The problem we were having with Brady earlier was that he is quite a eater and wasn't getting enough to eat thus making him fussy. We fixed that by buying a pump so now he's getting plenty of food and he's a much happier baby when he's full! His little belly is starting to get chubby and I think he's going to gain weight quickly because he eats so much! Life is good here! Rascal is such a good big brother, I am so proud of him. He likes to lay by Brady when he's eating and lets us know when he has a dirty diaper by sniffing him like crazy! Here are just a few more recent pictures of our little guy:
Our little gangster in his sweatpants!

Walking with Grandma leaving the state for the first time!

Look Mom, I'm in a different state than you!

He loves his carseat and car rides!

Taking naps with dad. :)

Also, several people have asked so here is our new address:

401 Charleston Dr.
Papillion, NE 68133


Kendra said...

You have an adorable baby boy there! I love the last pic with Brian sleeping...Ben and I have a ton of pics from the first few weeks of one of us sleeping with Aubrey. Enjoy! They grow up way too fast!

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