Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The North Pole!!

Our kids love Christmas. What kid doesn't?! A town called Cascade which is just about 15 minutes east of Colorado Springs has a super fun amusement park called The North Pole where it's Christmas all year. We weren't able to make it there last year but before Brian left for his latest TDY, we made sure to take a trip there!

I am not a rider. As in I do not do rides. I was always the one at the amusement parks as a kid holding everyone's stuff. I'm super fun, I know. I just get really nauseous and scared and for the most part I just enjoy watching everyone go on rides. I'm lame. So we started this trip out on the cars. A nice easy ride I knew I could handle, haha!

They had tons of kiddie rides that the kids just loved.

Ride on a Christmas tree? Ok!

Another mommy friendly ride..the carousel!

This ferris wheel scared the beejeezus out of me. The amusment park is basically on the side of a mountain. It's pretty hilly and this was at the top of the hill. There was a little sign saying it's the highest ferris wheel in the world. Brian said it was super rickety too. And for that I am glad I stayed on the ground!

Santa's sleigh zipline.

Such a good daddy riding yet another nauseating ride with the kids. 

We also got to spend a good 15 minutes with Santa. Here's Brady taking the "I'll be a good big brother and always take care of my little sister" oath. It was pretty cute.

After Santa they all insisted I went on this one spinny ride. I obliged and almost peed my pants. I didn't watch the ride carefully before getting on and didn't realize it basically goes on its side, goes really fast, and spins. I almost peed my pants yet again. The kids, loved it. I am a lame mom.

Since I was already shaking I figured, hey why not go on a gondola ride.

Taking selfies to distract myself from how high we were.

Another round of car rides

This is a scary, scary sight.

Some slide action

Aand we called it a day.

Layla asleep, hand in raisin box. 

Afterwards we drove to Trinity Brewing because teddy and shark were hungry.

And Daddy deserved a reward for riding all of the rides with the kids. Love you!


Jen said...

Oh how fun is this!!! I absolutely love it!

Becky Dougherty said...

What a cute amusement park! Glad you all had fun! :)

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