Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Weekend Away

Back in April I went away for a glorious weekend. Well 4 days, and 3 nights. Not like I was counting or anything! Obviously life has gotten in the way as I'm just blogging about it now. One of my friends from junior high was getting married in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and 2 of my friends from Minnesota and I were meeting in Chicago to fly to Norfolk and then to drive to the Outer Banks together.

I had a crazy early flight that Friday morning out of Denver. It had snowed 5 inches and was still snowing so it made for quite the white knuckle drive to the airport. But I made it, my flight was on time, and I made it to Chicago in one piece for a 4 hour layover. And then I realized I had 4 hours TO MYSELF. What??! So I parked myself at my friends gate and read. For hours. And no one was whining or begging for a snack. It was glorious. 

We made it to Norfolk and after waiting over an hour for our rental car we were on our way! Our first stop was a Target in the middle of nowhere Virginia. Where we stocked up on the essentials, naturally.

After about a 2 hour drive we made it to Corolla, NC and hit the hay after a long day of traveling. 

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and they started off the day with mimosas. 

I started off the day with a 4 mile run on the beach.  

At the time I was cursing my decision to do this half marathon but it was a beautiful view.

And humid. Colorado has been spoiling me with no humidity and man oh man was I dripping in sweat!

I quickly changed into my swimsuit and joined the ladies on the beach.

After enjoying an awesome day on the beach we headed into the hotel and got ready for the wedding.

The wedding was at this awesome mansion called the Black Stallion where a lot of the wedding guests stayed for the week.

Such a beautiful wedding!

Laura, Lynsey, and I played softball together back when we were young and it was so wonderful to have us all together again! We graduated from high school together but Lynsey lives in Norfolk, I live in Colorado, and Laura lives in Minnesota so we don't all get together very often anymore!

The next morning was, in simple terms, rough. I am not used to staying up that late or consuming that many adult beverages in 1 day. Mama can't hang anymore. It was freezing outside but we were still on vacation so I sat by our pool covered in towels to keep warm!

Once I was somewhat recovered we decided to go exploring. First stop was the Currituck Lighthouse. We're from Minnesota so we don't see lighthouses all that often!

I am so hugely afraid of heights so these see through stairs were not my favorite. I made it up 1 flight, told the girls I'd see them at the bottom, and then enjoyed the view from a safe bench at the bottom.

The lady gave me a sticker even though it made me feel like a liar.

Sunday night we enjoyed a fancy dinner by the ocean in Duck, NC.

Cheers to a fun weekend!

Monday morning we went down to Kitty Hawk and explored that area before heading to the airport. Since Brian is a pilot I felt like it was my duty as a pilot's wife to go see the Wright Brothers Memorial.

Where the first flight took place

We REALLY wanted to see a striped lighthouse so we traveled to the Bodde Island Lighthouse. It did not disappoint.

Again, I enjoyed the view from the bottom. That's Alex and Laura up there in the 40 mph winds. No, thank you.  We had so much fun and I love traveling with these ladies. Can't wait until our 30th birthday trips!!

After some scary flights and an hour drive I was finally home!

 It was a wonderful weekend getting away, having some girl time, and having too much fun! Although it was so nice to only have to worry about myself for a whole weekend, I was so happy to be back with my babies (and Brian too!). Getting away really refreshed my mommy batteries for sure! :)


Jen said...

What an amazing weekend, you definitely deserve this time away!!! :) I love the photos.

Janelle Vannice said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend!! :)

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