Friday, January 9, 2015

Winter Park!

With Brian having 2 weeks off we decided since we live in Colorado we need to get our butts to the ski resorts in the mountains.  When I used to visit Brian at the Academy I swear we would go to the mountains at least once every visit. In the 6 months we've lived here we've been to the ski resort areas a total of ZERO times. So after researching for a couple days, we decided it'd be best to maybe look for a ski resort that had tubing (sledding). I don't think we're quite ready for a skiing adventure yet. We'd never been to Winter Park so we decided to make a day trip there the Friday after New Year's.
Note to self: Don't go the Friday after the New Year's. Everyone and their mother is heading to the mountains.  We got stuck in some MAJOR traffic but luckily I packed lunches, we had the dvd player fired up, and we were in good spirits.

The drive to Winter Park was beautiful. It had snowed the day previous so I was super nervous about a specific pass (Berthoud Pass) which I heard could be a little treacherous but it was great. 

After an almost 4 hour drive (that should have taken only 2) we made it to our destination! Right smack dab at nap time. Joy!

We actually went to a place called Colorado Adventure Park that was just north of the Winter Park Ski Resort. We chose there because 3 and under are free (just in case Miss Sassy pants didn't want to partake in the fun), they charged by the tube per hour, and had double tubes. Perfect. 

We couldn't have asked for a better day. It was 30 degrees and sunny but with being at almost 10,000 ft the sun felt AMAZING and it felt a lot warmer than 30. 

Layla was not a happy camper (shocking).  She didn't like her boots, didn't like her snowpants, didn't like the helmet, didn't like her jacket, and certainly did not like that Mommy wanted to take her picture for the 5 total minutes she was in the tube. 

The boys had a ton of fun though! 

Layla and I snuggled, people watched, enjoyed the mountains, and ate snacks.

Daddy and Brady decided it was my turn to ride. I put the ugliest helmet on possible, fell going up the "magic carpet ride", had sweaty hands because I was so nervous, but dang it I was going to have fun with my son!

At the top. I was terrified. There were several types of runs, funny enough they were just like skiing. Green, blue, black, and double black. Brady had done them all but I convinced him a green one would be super fun.  We started going and embarrasingly enough, screamed my head off while Brady laughed. It was SO fast and SO steep! My hands were shaking after I went! But we had fun!

This is Brian and Brady going. It just shows you how stinkin fast it was! Ignore the fact they hit a little girl. And that he called Brady goof butt. She was ok. We think.

Finally it was time to pack up and head out which Layla was very enthusiastic about.

We had to have 1 more quick meltdown. The people next to us were packing their car up as well and said, "From the sound of how things are going over there, can we ask is she between the ages of 2 and 3? Yes, yes she is. They were super nice and said how their son last year had had an hour meltdown in the parking lot. Love her so much but this age, this age I will not miss.

We started the drive home and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

AND got stuck in more traffic. Again.

We pulled off in a town called Idaho Springs where we used to stop when Brian was a cadet. We enjoyed some much deserved cold ones.

And ate a giant delicious pizza pie.

AND on the way home acted like good parents and took our kids to a giant liquor store. It's like the size of Bass Pro Shop. 

And Layla found a pretend dog to play with. 

All in all, a wonderful day in the mountains. I think next time we'll have to attempt skiing. And get Layla a babysitter. ;)


Janelle Vannice said...

DID YOU GO TO BEAU-JO'S?!?!?!! OMG! So jealous! That was how Dan always bribed me to go skiing! He would promise me pizza afterward! haha! Looks like a pretty fun day! I miss the mountains so much!

Jen said...

I am so jealous!! This looks like so much fun!

Traci@TheHallway said...

Looks like a blast!!!!

Shannon said...

Yay for tubing! We've been thinking about going too. I think Taylor would LOVE it!

Jamie said...

What a great trip!

Katie said...

What a beautiful place! Looks like your family had a wonderful time!

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